Sames Nanogun and Airmix Manual Electrostatic Medium Fluid Pressure Spray Gun


Sames’s know how in tip design and skills in electrostatic paint application have been gathered in the Nanogun+ Airmix to offer the best for spraying liquid solvent-based materials at medium pressures in many markets.

The Nanogun+ Airmix, available in 2 pressure calibrations of 120 and 200 bar (1740 and 2900 psi), meets a wide range of application requirements and is suitable for many markets, such as aerospace, agricultural, construction, metallic furniture, wood, transportation and energy. It is excellent for spraying products with a wide range viscosity to reduce worktime, paint use and costs with improved results.

The Nanogun+ Airmix makes a difference with its lightweight, ergonomic design and excellent wrap-around effect, thus improving the overall operators’ experience. Paint may be supplied to the gun by using a pump. When spraying, the charged paint drops follow the lines of the electric field to the grounded object part. Electrostatics result in paint savings and wrap-around effect reducing overspray and pollution. Adding compressed air to it allows enhanced penetration into cavities and a finer spray pattern.

Electrostatic effect combined to Airmix atomization raises up the transfer efficiency to an unreached level of 93%. Excellent material distribution and fine particle size control for outstanding finishing quality. Lightweight and enhanced ergonomics for increased operators comfort


Manufacturer Sames
Range Electrostatic
Product Type Manual Guns

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