Sames FPro G GSP Manual Airspray Spray Gun Gravity


FPro G is THE gravity spray gun that utilizes pressure to deliver very high finish quality for highly viscous materials with excellent operator comfort. The FPro GSP comes assembled or can be purchased in a kit format which is compatible for use in the industrial marketplace.

The FPRO GSP designed by Sames is the new star in the world of Airspray gravity-fed spray guns for thick viscous coatings. This innovative spray gun combines gravity and pressure technologies and is the best choice for applying high finish quality for thick materials like: adhesives, gel coats, thixotropic paint, and water-based materials. The FPro GSP is comfortable and easy to use. The gun is available already assembled or a kit is available for purchase to use with your FPro G spray gun.

Sames showcases its innovative Vortex technology to improve transfer efficiency and spray pattern.) The FPro GSP delivers high spraying quality while maintaining the painter’s wellness to fit all their application requirements and needs. Sames engineers have designed the FPro GSP gun body to be well balanced, ergonomic and light. The concept of the FPro GSP makes it perfect for delivering an effortless spraying experience and easy clean-up at the end of your workday.

This new spray gun introduces a brand-new feature which delivers the lightest trigger pull in the market: MAG-trigger, the magnet assisted trigger which reduces the trigger pull up to 20%. This technology enhances once more the fact that Sames cares about the painter’s comfort.


Manufacturer Sames
Range Airspray
Product Type Manual Guns

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