Nordson ColorMax3 Powder Coating Booth


ColorMax3 is a fast colour change powder coating booth. It improves quality, reduces downtime and maximises your production. The booth floor is made of durable Apogee composite material, and is automatically purge-cleaned for no powder accumulation inside the booth.

ColorMax3 , Nordson’s highly automated quick color change booth, has proven itself with outstanding performance so far in several hundred installations worldwide. Highly adaptable to individual needs, it is the ideal powder coating booth for practically every application.

Nordson’s unique twin cyclone technology excellent powder recovery efficiency: Depending on the powder used, up to 95% of it makes its way back to the powder feed center hopper before being resupplied to the coating process! Waste particles are collected in a final filter and automatically disposed of in a waste container. Clean air is provided by an ATEX-certified afterfilter, which separates out contamination so reliably that the cleaned air can be returned to the production environment!


Manufacturer Nordson
Product Type Industrial Coating Systems Products

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