A Successful Linkedin True Story

Jorge Pasquini, Export Business Manager at FAMIS INC. shared about his career, professional challenges, and his story of success using LinkedIn.

Throughout his entire career, Jorge worked in the coatings industry in Argentina. Although he had his own business, there were limited growth opportunities to continue the expansion he envisioned. Jorge and his family moved from Argentina to Miami, Florida with high expectations and dreams.

Upon arriving in Miami, Jorge started learning English and adapting to the culture. The next step was finding a job. With no time to waste, he analyzed the coatings industry and used LinkedIn to connect with companies and leaders in the market.

He connected with Ricardo Miyares, CEO and Tribal Leader of FAMIS through LinkedIn. After a few meetings, Miyares offered Jorge the opportunity to develop the international market for FAMIS.

When Jorge first started, the international market accounted for 1% of FAMIS INC total sales. Jorge used his expertise to bring new clients and friends to FAMIS while opening market opportunities in the Caribbean and South America. Today, international markets account for 20% of FAMIS’s business, thanks to Jorge’s efforts.


“When you see a potential business opportunity you can’t just talk to the purchasing manager, you must go further, being curious and knowing every product and technology they have. With all the information and understanding of their area, you can offer to expand the potential,” explained Jorge. “I create a human and personal relationship with the customer to understand their needs, challenges, and opportunities. What we develop after this is a good commercial relation and business.”


His knowledge of the industry, dedication, persistence, and hunger make him one of the best in the business. Above all, none of this could be possible without the unconditional support of his family.


Jorge also mentioned the support of FAMIS as another key of success.

“I feel blessed by the opportunity that Ricardo and FAMIS gave me. The FAMIS team has always supported me and that has helped me to succeed”.

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